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Wastewater Lagoon Troubleshooting and Optimization


May 4th. Glendo Town Hall, 114 S. Yellowstone
May 6th, Greybull Town Hall, 24 S. 5th Street

8:00am -5:00pm

Good for 8 hours Wastewater/Collection and Core

Instructor: Steve Harris, H&S Environmental

We are bringing great wastewater training to you. This workshop pulls together years of research and time tested operational strategies proven to enhance a lagoon’s performance. In this class hundreds of practical and effective “how to” solutions are presented to make lagoon operators more effective at their job. This workshop delivers quick, clear, step-by-step approaches to solving lagoon problems.   Operators in this workshop learn what it takes to get the most out of their existing lagoon system without spending lots of money. Attendees will develop the skills and learn the practical techniques for realizing their lagoon’s full potential.

Steve Harris will be the instructor. He is a legend for good reason. He has worked with wastewater operators across the united states and in many different parts of the world since 1993. He knows his stuff not to mention he has great stories.

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Training Thursdays are going Live! Via Zoom (Good for All Licenses)

$49 for members and $69 for non-members for each Thursday

Join WARWS each Thursday in March from 1:00pm – 3:00pm for some exceptional training.

Join us for some of the best live virtual training around every Thursday afternoon in March. Our trainers are zooming in from all over the country and covering all new topics or expanding on topics that are time sensitive.

March 25th - Core - It takes a great group of people to successfully operate a water and wastewater system. This class is not only for operators but clerks and decision-makers in your community. Clerks can use these hours for CEU’s. The class will focus on the communications that clerks, operators, and mayors may receive from regulatory agencies and funders. It is very important to know who needs to respond to these communications and who needs to know about them. The incomparable Johann Nield, of WARWS staff, has seen it all. He will help us sort out this communication maze along with WARWS Training Specialist, Kathy Weinsaft.

Budgeting - Compliance costs money. Building stuff costs money. Operations costs money. Need money? Money is in short supply these days and grants are very competitive.  It takes more than filling out forms to rate highly on grant proposals.  What do reviewers really want to see?  Find out how to make sure your grant and subsidized loan proposal stands out from the pack. And find out how to “sell” the needed rates to your ratepayers, too. Carl Brown and Kathy Weinsaft, both past grant and loan reviewers will give you the skinny on what funders really want to see in a proposal, and ratepayers want to see in proposed rates. 



 Training Resources

 ABC's new Standardized Exams

Core and Rule Training Guidance

Cyber Security Presentations:
     CI Resource Catalog for SLTT Partners
     Cyber Incident Reporting Unified Message
     Cyber Security Guide for States
     DHS Presentation Lander
     EPA Tabletop Exercise Tool
     FSSCC Cyber Insurance Purchasers Guide
     Water SAC Cyber Security Resource Guide
     WY Cyber Security

ABC Formula and Conversion Sheets: Water
EPA Rules Updates 06/24/20
   AWIA Section 2013-12018 Resources Document
   AWIA Small Systems Guidance
   GWR Communication Documentation
   RTCR print slides
   San Surv & Sig Deficiency Training
UMC Class presentation - POWER POINT
Very Small Water System Operator's Guidebook to Preparing for Certification
Very Small Water Systems Sample Exam Questions ABC
Wyoming Rural Water - Power Point
Wyoming Water Emergency Response Exercise - Power Point
WyoWarn - Power Point 

ABC Need-to-know criteria
Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Collection
Wastewater Laboratory Analysts
AMP Calculator Guidelines

Engineering Power Points

WWDC 2016
USDA RD Conference Briefing
WY Rules and Regulations - CPC Short Version
WY Rules and Regulations
Chlorine Safety and Beyond - Bud Spillman

On-line Training Available
SunCoast Learning Systems


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